Nurx Mobile App Prototype

For this project, I worked with three of my classmates to come up with a prototype for a mobile interface for a startup. For our startup, we chose Nurx, a web-app described as "Uber for birth control." Since Nurx aims to make the task of obtaining birth control as simple and convenient as possible, we wanted to mirror this ease and efficiency in our interface.

Each of us first created paper prototypes. My paper prototype can be viewed below. We then performed Wizard of Oz tests with classmates. In my tests, the primary feedback I received was the difficulty to undo actions, or move backwards in the app. Based on the feedback I received, as well as the feedback my teammates received, I created a final paper prototype, also shown below.

first paper prototype
Fig. 1: Initial paper prototype
mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile
Fig. 2: Final paper prototype

My teammates and I then used our final paper prototype to develop an interactive high fidelity prototype. Below are selected frames from the interactive hifi prototype, which can be viewed here.

image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4
Fig. 3: Selected frames from hifi prototype

The second part of the project was user testing. I performed two different types of user tests. First, to obtain quantitative data I performed two eye-tracking tests. Second, to obtain more qualitative data, I set up three remote usability tests.

For the eye-tracking tests, I first hypothesized that users would look through text before looking at buttons, and would spend more time looking at text than at buttons. In addition, I hypothesized that more time would be spent on pages with more text versus pages that primarily consist of buttons.

Fig. 1: Screenshot from eye-tracking test
Fig. 4: Screenshot from eye-tracking test

The full report of the tests I performed, as well as a predictive heatmap and storyboard can be found here.

Based on the results and responses we received from the user-testing, we updated our final prototype. The most significant changes were changing the display of the navigation tools, updating the main menu labels to be clearer, adding a price section to the checkout page, and including an option to learn more about the doctors. Our final presentation can be viewed here.